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food & agriculture programmes

Food security is a priority. . .

The Orchard: Africa Food & Agriculture programme emphasizes food security by providing meals and teaching communities to grow their own food.  Using sustainable, vertical, container and small scale agricultural techniques, food security becomes more of a reality to vulnerable communities. When children have nutritious food and clean water, it helps reduce illiteracy, illness, and poverty.

Food & Agriculture Program
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The primary need in a community is food security. Without food, people can’t think beyond their own survival. We change this through not only providing meals but also educating communities on how to grow their own food.


Local churches are trained to run a daily feeding program. This provides a job for a cook, income for the pastor, and a cooked lunchtime meal for children. The Food & Agriculture programme also works in conjunction with the church pre-schools to provide breakfast for the pre-schoolers every day. Nearly 10 million meals have been served to children as a result.


We train and equip churches and communities in the skill of growing food in vertical containers such as old pairs of jeans, plastic bottles, and bags. Innovative vertical and small-scale farming initiatives allow families to not only grow food for themselves but also have enough food to sell, to provide for their other needs.


10,289,720 MEALS SERVED


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