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This is where it all starts. . .

To truly care for the vulnerable and implement sustainable solutions in communities, the local church has to be on board. The Orchard: Africa Ministry programme focuses on training, mentoring, and equipping local African pastors and their churches to respond to the immediate needs of their own community.

Empowerment Program
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This is where it all starts - Orchard Af


Orchard: Network

The Orchard: Network is made up of pastors who want to change their community.  Here they receive training and mentorship. Members can take part in meetings in Cape Town, Mafikeng or Lusaka. Just over 800 church leaders are in the Network and are being trained and empowered in ministry and leadership.


Network members attend specific project training based on their village needs. Our goal is to educate, inspire, and challenge leaders to care for the vulnerable in their communities by responding to poverty and injustice.


Trained project members apply for support to implement proven and sustainable programmes and projects. Orchard: Africa assesses project plans, overall church engagement, and leadership potential before approval.


We partner with churches of capacity to be our model churches in key areas.  These model churches serve as a guide and model to others. Every programme that is run is first tested in a model church to ensure that it is effective and sustainable before expanding wider to other partner churches. 



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