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giving partners impact 

This is how you can make an impact. . .

The impact of our Giving Partners is varied and valuable.  From in-kind donations made to our Resource Center to corporate grants and personal giving, we value your desire to impact the lives of the vulnerable.


In-kind donations

We accept donations that provide for our Four Programmes such as non-perishable food to fill our food bank or seeds, compost or other agricultural products to enhance our Agriculture programme.  Our Care programme can always use items for home-based care as well as feminine and other hygiene products.  Our Education programme welcomes educational supplies such as stationery, pre-school posters, educational games and toys. For the equipping of our church leaders in our Ministry programme, we accept books that will develop leadership skills, study bibles and other suitable reading materials. 

At this time, we regretfully cannot accept donations of clothing.

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Corporate & Other Grants

We accept corporate grants and are registered with all the required bodies. 

Registered as Thuso Social Service Foundation, T/A Orchard: Africa

Section 21 Company with the Registrar of Companies.

NPO with the Department of Social Development

Public Benefit Organization with SARS

Contact Us

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Personal Donations

Personal donations can easily be made through our website donation

For larger donations for specific projects, please feel free to contact us.

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